About us

“Let the school come to the children”

Door Step School is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate children living in the streets, slum areas as well as children from the most marginalized communities. The NGO began its journey in 1989, and has since provided primary education to ____ children. Out of school children have been the most neglected part of the education system. Door Step School – through its various programs meets the child – where the child is, and educates them. For us education began so as to safeguard children from exploitation. Our passionate team of teachers and staff began the journey of fetching children from their homes and began teaching them basic calculations, how to read and write. This empowered them – thus making them our ambassadors.

Since then, our strong team of teachers and staff has only strenghtened.

What we do

Through our innovative programs, we impart literacy and related skills to children between the age group of 3 years to 14 years. We cover children who are out of school as well as children who are enrolled in government schools but need additional support. To find out more about our programs click here

Why we do

Our aim has always been to provide education at the convenience and practically possible or reachable location and time for the children. Our journey began with 50 children who had dropped out of school voluntarily or otherwise. We provided them with an alternative – enjoy
learning, at your pace and time and gain quality education. Bridging the gap between access to education and literacy is our strongest reason for moving forward. Today, Door Step School runs 100+ street schools and has reached more than 1 million children through community based educational services as well as our partnership with corporation run schools in Mumbai and Pune.
With your support , our ‘Why’ only grows stronger… You can support us in educating the coming generations of children. To support us click here

Who are our Stakeholders

1. Children

2. Parent


4. Community

Education grows bottom-up. Empowering the child is essential but motivation to literacy begins from parents and the communities.