To be an instrumental force that brings development to children.


All children deserve an education. An alarming number of India’s urban poor still remain without an opportunity to receive formal education.

Our mission at Door Step School is to bridge this divide, using innovative programmes that will bring education to these children and help them make the transition to literacy and a brighter future.


Primary education for all children up to 14 years of age.

Children Impact

Reach out 2010 - 2020

Direct – Community Based
Municipal Schools
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Our Donors

Sr.NoDonor Names
1Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
2Airvat Imports
3Alan Strang
4Ammada Trust
5Anuja Khemka - Safar Trust
6Asha Tuliani
7Asmae- Les Amis De Soeur Emmanuelle
8Axis Bank Foundation
9Azim Premji Foundation
10Bakimchandra Khona
11Bankim Mehta
12Best Alternative Outsourcing Services LLP
13Bombay Community Public Trust
14BP Foundation
15BP India Services Private Limited
16British Asian Trust
17Carnegie Social Initiative
18Chaitiers Aid Foundation (CAF) India
19Charities Aid Foundation  (UBS Securities India Pvt.  Ltd.)
20Charities Aid Foundation of America
21Charity Aid Foundation (GAYE)
22Child Action Charity
23Concern India Foundation
24Diebold Systems Pvt Ltd
25Dillipbhai Govardhandas Mashru
26Dun & Bradstreet Info Serviced Pvt. Ltd.
27Educate The Children
29 Ernst & Young   Pvt. Ltd.
30Geometric Limited
31Give India
33Goldman Sachs (India)
34HDFC Bank
35Hemraj Goyal Foundation
36Hsbc Global Education Trust – Future First
37ICICI Foundation of Inclusive Growth
38Impact Foundation India (Dasra)
39India Capital Research And Advisors Pvt  Ltd
40K C Mahindra Education Trust- Nanhi Kali
41Kalpataru Trust
42Keshavlal Shah
43Kings Solution
44Mazagaon Dock Limited
45Michael Föcking
46Mohan Hirdwani - Hirdwani Trust
47Mumbai Municipal Corporation(MCGM)
48National Stock Exchange
49NSE Foundation
50Plan International  – India Chapter
51Play Games 24 x 7 Private Ltd.
52Preeti- Charity For Kids In India
53Rabo Securities Pvt. Ltd.
54Ramesh Kacholia
55Rotary Club  of Bombay  Kandivali Charitable Trust
56Sanjivani Trust
57Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan
58Sharma Foundation
59Sir Ratan Tata Trust
60Tata Institute Of Social Sciences
61Tata Motors
62United Way Of Mumbai – E & Y
63Western Union International (CAF America)
64Vodafone Foundation
65Western  Consolidated Pvt Ltd
66BCPT - HT Parekh Foundation
67Best  Alternatives Securities Ltd
68Canara Bank
69Children Hope
70Faces For All Children
71Kalpataru Plaza Pvt. Ltd.
72Lenovo India Pvt Ltd
73Rabo India Finance Pvt. Ltd.
74Rosy Blue Foundation 
75Sadguru Kamubaba Foundation  
76Schueco India Private Limited
77Sterling Investment Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
78United Motors(India) Pvt.Ltd
79United Way of Mumbai- Deloitte

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