Supportive Services

Supportive Programs

Computer Centre

Door Step School computer centers are run with the objective of equipping children & youth
with basic computer skills, which today’s technologically driven world demands.
Children from all Door Step School programs, viz. Balwadi, Study Class and Non Formal
Education get to benefit from the presence of computer centers, if they have been set up in
that community. Use of educational software aids in reinforcing literacy and numeracy skills
along with acquainting the children to the handling of the computer.
For youth in the community, special batches are conducted to introduce them to MS Office
and so help increase their worth in the job market.
Community Learning Centre
An opportunity to indulge a child’s curiosity, to encourage learning in a manner our formal
education system does not allow: that is the role visualized for the Community Learning
Centre (CLC) that came into being in July 2005. The Community Learning Centres provide
access to reading and audio visual material, and engaging children in a variety of language
building and learning processes.
It also serve as an open library on Saturdays and some other holidays, when the young
people of the community have sometime to indulge in a quiet read.
Door to Door library that has been functional almost since the inception of Door Step
School has now become a part of the outreach programme of the CLC. Alumni of Door Step
School and other secondary school students in the community run this service. It is through
this service that a variety of reading material is made available to the neo and semi literates
in the communities, helping to sustain and build on their literacy skills and to enable them
to stay well informed.
Mobile libraries have also been initiated to take books and toys to the scattered group of
children living on the periphery of a community and among pavement dwellers. The Mobile
library is actually a van stacked with attractive picture and story books, toys and games like
carom, snakes and ladders.
Bal Samuha
The “Bal Samuha” groups were formed initially with an objective of keeping in touch with
the youth of the community, who have had some past association with Door Step School.
It has turned into a vibrant group of young people plying an instrumental role in their
communities. The Bal Samuha members come together to work on issues that affect their
community, and also promote child rights & protection. DSS alumni comprise a major part
of these Bal Samuhas. Through this venture, youth from the communities also get varied
exposure and an opportunity to network with youth from other organizations.
Taking this initiative further, Bal Samuhas have also been formed in the Municipal Schools
where we work through our School Partnership Project.
Educational Sponsorship
Children who are identified as being in need of financial support for continuing their
education are given this facility. Offers of sponsorship from foundations, corporates, andindividuals enable us to offer this financial support. We try to incorporate guidance,
counseling motivation and extra coaching wherever possible.