School Partnership Programme


School Partnership Project

The School Partnership Project is a form of direct intervention in corporation run schools. It
is a partnership we have chosen to engage in to enable us to enhance the quality of the
learning experience for the students of the selected schools.
This intervention is designed to address the commonly observed problems of non
enrollment, lower attendance and lower than expected performance levels through

1) Study Classes that offer extra academic support for scholastically weak students of
Stds. I to IV. By enhancing their ability to cope with school work, we are able to reduce the
chance dropping out from school. These students are identified through close observation by
their class teachers and the Door Step School team in the school.
2) Reading Promotion program and Library which encourage children to enjoy reading
and giving them an opportunity to explore language beyond text books.
Experience with children in urban slum communities, who form the major target group for
Municipal schools shows us that inadequate language skills, especially reading skills hinders
their academic progress. This, in turn affects each individual child’s development as a
productive member of society. Through this program, we give them an opportunity to build
their reading fluency and comprehension skills and increase their level of comfort in
engaging with different varieties of text.
3) Mental Health Project through which counselling services and awareness sessions are
offered. Counselors work with individual, and groups of, children helping them enhance
their capacity to cope with a troubling familial issue, a negative behavioral pattern, or a
learning disability. They also organize sessions for other team members and when possible
for BMC teachers to build their understanding of children’s needs and appropriate ways of
engaging with children.
4 ) E-Learning:
The program is specially devised for children from vernacular medium schools to introduce
them to English with the help of multimedia content based on the Std. I & II curriculum. The
program is geared to make learning in English language a joyful process for children.
5) School Bus Service
The School Bus Service was started with the objective of improving enrolment &
attendance, and decreasing the dropout rate among school going children. Parents who
earlier opted to keep their children at home on grounds of the child’s safety, refusing to
send them to school unescorted, have now enrolled their children in schools.
At some locations, our schools on wheels are used to provide this service and at others
there are smaller buses that do so.