Publications (Pune & Mumbai)

The following is a list of our in-house publications written by our President, Mrs. Rajani Paranjpe herself. These books are not just popular with the children of Door Step

• My Book ( A book to be given to each child to keep, containing his identification school but have also been very well received by the general public as an easy way to introduce reading skills in, progress report, a copy of his / her age certificate and a list of telephone numbers of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Centers in the city of Pune and other useful information plus fun activities.)

• A set 2 coloring books

• A set of 3 work-books for beginners

• A set of 8 books for learning Alphabets and Matras

• A book for learning composite letter words (Jodakshare)

• A set of 19 books of stories without composite letter words Jodakshar Virahit.

Note: These books are specially written for children who have learnt alphabets and
Matras but have not learnt composite letter words. There is a paucity of such books
in Marathi children’s literature.
• A set of 6 books of children’s stories

• A set of 2 books of crossword puzzles
• NFE Teachers’ manual
• Reading Class ( Project Grow With Books) Manual
Books in Print
• A picture dictionary for primary school children
• A second set of books for learning alphabets and Matras
These books are available to the general public for purchase. To take a look at the books or
to place an order, please contact our office.