Our Achievers

At Door Step School, we take great pride in providing education to children in need.  In many cases, education provided at a very early age leads to a commitment to further education and employment in later years.

Below we have outlined a few of our many success stories.  All of our students come from underprivileged backgrounds and there is little formal education in the household.  Parents may work in unskilled labour and the opportunity for children to attend Door Step School classes is often the first exposure the children in the family have to formal education.

As you will see below, some of our students have gone on to receive formal qualifications, gain permanent employment, provide further community work and even receive industry awards and accolades.

Importantly for us, our alumni group—called Bal Samuha—is an opportunity for us to remain in contact with our students and an opportunity for the students to remain active in our community.

Devi Chauhan


In 2002, Devi enrolled in our Non-Formal Education class and achieved the level of a Standard IV student.

As an active member of our alumni group, Bal Samuha, Devi continues to be heavily involved with many of our classes and activities.  Devi is now 16 years old and, after completing her training with us, she currently works as an assistant teacher for the Balwadi (pre-school) students.

Subhash Mahato


Subhash began his learning with us in 1993, when he was six years old.  At 16 years old, Subhash completed his Secondary School Certification (SSC) with a mark of 81% and went on to graduate from college with a Bachelor of Science (Information Technology).

Subhash is the first member of his family to receive a formal education.  He is now 23 years old and works as a medical representative with Centaur Pharma.  His income supports himself and his family.

Subhash is an active member of Bal Samuha and remains in regular contact with us.

  Soni Rathod


Soni is one of our earliest students, having enrolled with our Non-Formal Education class in 1989 at the age of eight.

Soni was later given formal vocational training in tailoring.  She used her training and entrepreneurial skills to set up her own home-based tailoring shop.  She is now a skilled tailor specialising in creating traditional banjara dresses.

Prakash Rathod


Prakash began with us when he was three years old, enrolling in our Balwadi class.  Prakash continued learning in our Non-Formal Education group and achieved a level of Standard V.  While he was studying, he also worked with his family at the docks and various construction sites.

Prakash is now 19 years old.  During the day he works at HDFC Bank.  At the same time, he is pursuing his education by attending night school classes.  He is currently in Standard IX and demonstrates a strong commitment towards his education.

Santosh Rathod


Santosh started his learning with us in 1992, when he was seven years old.  Santosh was first enrolled in our Non-Formal Education class and later continued with our more structured Study Classes.

Since his time with us, Santosh has reached his Secondary School Certification and has won prizes as part of a successful local cricket team.  Santosh has undergone an automobile repairing course and is now employed as a technician for Exide Industries Limited.

Santosh remains in contact with us and is an active member of our Bal Samuha group.

Rehmuddin Shaikh


Rehmuddin enrolled in our Balwadi class at the age of three and continued his education in our formal Study Class.  His father was unable to work following an industrial accident and Rehmuddin committed to his education to help support his family.

Rehmuddin developed his talent for sports and has played rugby at the state level.

Today, Rehmuddin balances his time between working as an administrative assistance with a private firm and coaching the Mumbai Magicians rugby team.  He is still associated with us through the Bal Samuha alumni group.

Geeta Koli


Geeta also enrolled in our Balwadi class at the age of three and continued her education in our formal Study Class.  She has now completed her Higher School Certificate.

Geeta is an Ashoka Youth Venture Awardee, and has started her own ‘Shakti Project’  supporting education for girls.  Geeta spends her time teaching girls in the community and continues to be involved with us as a member of the Bal Samuha group.

Chaitanya Dalvi


At eleven years old, Chaitanya enrolled with us as a Bal Samuha member and is still very active in our organization.

Chaitanya is now 22 years old and is developing his skills as a computer programmer.  He continues his education and is completing his Bachelor of Science (Informational Technology).

Chaitanya is an ‘Ashoka Youth Venture’ Awardee.  As part of this venture, he started his own ‘Book Bank’ named ‘Dreamer’s Way’.  Dreamer’s Way caters to the academic needs of children from Standard V to graduation level.  Chaitanya recently received seed funding for this project from I-Create foundation.

Anil Hari Rathod


Anil joined us in 1993 at the age of five.  He began in the Balwadi class and continued into the formal Study Class.  He is the first member of his family to attend school.

Anil has worked in accounting for the last few years.  He is now in the final stages of his Chartered Accounting qualification.

Anil is 22 years old and is deeply involved with our organization.  He displays excellent leadership qualities.  He is filled with innovative ideas and is able to find and nurture talents among children.

Ashok Rathod


Ashok joined us in 1992 at the age of four.  He also  began in the Balwadi class and continued into the Study Class.  He is the first member of his family to receive an education.

Ashok has started his own NGO called ‘OSCAR’ that supports development through sports.  His achievement has been recognised with a Reliance Real Heroes Award.

Ashok is 21 years old and is appearing for his Higher School Certificate.  He is an active member of the Bal Samuha alumni group.

Hanumanta Deora


Hanumanta started his studies with us in 1993, at the age of nine.  He was first enrolled in our Non-Formal Education classes and managed his time with us while working at the docks.  He continued his education and graduated with a diploma from the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition in Mumbai.

He now works inNew Yorkat the Carnival Cruise.